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Bellissima: Italy and High Fashion 1945-1968 presents the complex and ever-changing story of Italian fashion through a contemporary lens.

It is a symphonic account of the many creative components that continue to interact and shape the success and enormous appeal of the “Made in Italy” brand.

This catalog showcases the amazing garments chosen for the exhibition and designed by creators such as Simonetta, Valentino, Roberto Capucci, Irene Galitzine, among many others: the spectacular dresses that illuminated ball rooms and theater galas, as well as cocktail dresses of restrained elegance or tantalizing embellishments inspired by fantasized designs or the leading postwar art movements – the Zero Group, Pop art and Op art.

Scatola di cartone dipinta a mano da Paolo Ventura contenente:
- 6 immagini + 1 doppia immagine stampate a colori
- Testo stampato a mano con caratteri antichi
- Manifesto pieghevole del contenuto del taccuino di Paolo Ventura (cm 64 × 64)

Exhibition Catalogue

Bellissima – Italy and High Fashion 1945-1968.

— An Illustrated Catalog

edited by Maria Luisa Frisa, Gabriele Monti, Stefano Tonchi

Release Place Venice, Italy
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2016
Printrun 200
ISBN-13: 9788899058050
Topics Fashion, Italy, Made In Italy, Moda
Language English, Italian
Format Paperback
Dimensions 21.0 × 27.0 cm
Weight 500 gram
Pages 40