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The city of Jerusalem has been the focal point of the Middle East conflict for decades. It is particularly in the occupied territory of East Jerusalem and the surrounding West Bank that the humanitarian consequences of this conflict become most apparent.Palestinian residents and Israeli settlers live there under very different living conditions and prospects, side-by-side in one metropolitan area, in hostile neighbourhoods separated by walls and fences.In the documentary style photographs contained in this book, Wolfgang Strassl explores these urban landscapes and provides a rarely seen view of the deep marks and scars that the Middle East conflict has left in the area over the decades

Exhibition Catalogue

Homeland: East Jerusalem Landscapes

Wolfgang Strassl

edited by Kunsthaus Zürich

Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2015
ISBN-13: 9783735602527
Topics Conflitto, Jerusalem, Landscape Photography, Urban Landscape, West Bank
Methods Photography
Language English
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 31.0 × 22.0 × 1.5 cm
Pages 124

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