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Publisher Note

’I strongly object’ compiles and collages works and exhibition views of the last five years. The publication illustrates the artist’s practice where formal reduction and embrace of material inadequacies meets with an interest in language, display and architecture. Detaching a canvas from the safe zone of a wall or using an exhibition title like ’Political Correction’ are both means of objecting to standards of perception as well as exposing the works' own vulnerabilities

David Ostrowski, born 1981, lives and works in Cologne

Artists’ Book

I strongly object

by David Ostrowski

Release Place Cologne, Germany
Release Date August 2019
Artist: David Ostrowski
Printrun 350
ISBN-13: 978-3-9819124-4-9
Dimensions 16.5 × 23.5 cm
Pages 40
Technique Offset