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Publisher Note

INTERFERENCE 1 Based on the reflection of visual disturbance, interference is a serie of editions with minimal geometric patterns merging into different printing techniques. Realized from a superposition play of photocopied white sheets, the geometric elements change randomly. The separate risoprinted modules form some visual connections and cause the accident supporting the concept of optical phenomenon. For the first issue, interference 1 uses additionally a cut on some pages, modifying the shape of patterns and disturbing the first vision. Each copy is unique. digital and riso printed at home. cut by hand. 36 pages — two colors (blue, black)

Artists’ Edition

interference 1

by Maycec

Publisher self-published
Release Place France
Release Date March 2018
Artist: Maycec
Series interference
Printrun 50
Subform Zine
Methods Cutting, Graphic, Photocopy, Risography
Dimensions 15.0 × 21.0 cm
Pages 36
Material recycled paper 80 g/m2
Material recycled paper 300 g/m2