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With "allotment gardeners" Martin Parr created a new series which he realized in ?ve allotments in Düsseldorf and Krefeld. He met Mathis, just 15 years old, who runs the garden for his father, a multi-generational operation growing strictly organic fruit and vegetables, and he also spoke with young parents who share a garden, with Ingo the cactus breeder, with Michael the miniature train enthusiast, and with Petra the ?tomato woman?. "Allotment gardeners" is the loving view on one of the original German clichés: the allotment gardeners. With his own British-humorous look, Martin Parr created portraits of allotment gardeners that go beyond the persons and share similar qualities with August Sander?s images of people.

Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2018
Artist: Martin Parr
ISBN-13: 9783960986577
Topics Documentary Photography, DüSseldorf, Garden, Gardeners, Germany, Krefeld, Portrait
Methods Photography
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 93

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