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Throughout his career, Daido Moriyama has sought new ways of recasting his images through the use of different printing techniques, installation, or by re-editing and re-formatting them. For this volume, Moriyama has returned to his contact sheets from the past five decades, selecting both classic and previously unpublished images. Included here are reproductions of original contact sheets; sequences of new contact sheets made from recombined negative strips that juxtapose images from the 1950s with those from the past ten years; and selections of individual images, both familiar and newly discovered. Together, they offer a comprehensive assembly of Moriyama's oeuvre, tracing recurring motifs and proposing startling new interpretations of some of his most iconic photographs. In opening up this private process of reexamination to a wider public, Moriyama continues to challenge the viewer, his own practice and the larger mechanisms by which photography makes meaning"

Artist Monograph

Daido Moriyama

Labyrinth: Daido Moriyama.

edited by Reinhard Braun

Release Date 2011
Editor: Reinhard Braun
Artist: Daido Moriyama
Topics Contact Prints, Moriyama
Methods Photography
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 400

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