(Collectors Edition)

Publisher Note

03 is my creative reflection on the soviet times, when I was born and lived for a while. It is my intention to understand deeper which power systems are functioning now and how soviet imagery still influences the times of today. It is important to me which aesthetics and ethics were used while imaging the human body in medical books and tutorials. Comparing medical illustrations that were used in the past and those that are used now, I see forms of medical control. I analyse which ethical views and forms of power exist – what the norms used to be and which are created now.

Release Place Vilnius, Lithuania
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2018
Printrun 99
Inscription numbered, signed
Subform Leporello Book, Special Edition
Methods Collage, Photography
Dimensions 16.6 × 16.6 cm
Pages 32
Technique Offset