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In »Lago Mio«, Steinbrecher turns the world upside down and plays with the unstable and fragile condition of balancing umbrellas on the water, or – depending on the perspective – balancing the sea on an umbrella.
The artists’ book »Lago Mio« in the form of a travel brochure shows the reproduction of this series. The artist interferes in the process of reproduction and thus creates new composi- tions and layouts. The traces of the remedialization stay visible and reveal the artistic and creative process.
The artistic work exists only as a book and was deliberately created as an »uncomfortable« act: the digital photocopy of analogue pictures, the visible artefacts of this process, the thin printing paper and the simple saddle stitching make it hard for the spectator to gain an over- view of the repetitive series.
The irritation of our conditioned visual perception through this simple shift of viewpoint charges this object with some truly psychedelic energy.

Release Place Zurich, Switzerland
Munich, Germany
Release Date 14th June 2018
Printrun 250
Topics Ocean, Sea, Umbrellas, Water
Methods Analogue Photography, Digital Photography
Dimensions 21.0 × 29.7 cm
Pages 148
Technique Offset

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