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An illustrated fiction of invulnerability and disappearance, Leave Me Be was first published as an edition of ten as part of the exhibition Untitled (Leave Me Be), Standard (Oslo), 2009.

“I will never live in a house as long as my fellow human-beings are living in the street. I spent six years without a home, without direction, without something to live for. I once lived on the street by chance, I now live there by choice. I roam the once famous streets. Bedding down above the degraded piles, slotted in a trough when I find one, rubbing in sand and rinsing my toes along the frontage. My lifestyle is to carry only essentials in what I call my “saddle bags”. I travel light even by street standards. Blankets, for instance, are cumbersome and awkward. Besides, I am more creative after dark, so at night I walk the streets with my notebook. I sleep in the daytime in the park with a big cowboy hat over my head to keep the sun out of my eyes. My street buddies call me “cowboy”.

Artists’ Book

Leave Me Be

by Oscar Tuazon

Release Date June 2012
Artist: Oscar Tuazon
Printrun 700
Topics Anarchism, Secret Societies, Survivalism, Utopia
Language English
Dimensions 16.0 × 23.0 cm
Pages 117

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