Publisher Note

‘… mama octopus has eight hands, one to give to papa octopus, one to feed baby octopus, one to eat an avocado, one to write letters, one to browse the internet, one to drink prosecco, one to smoke a cigarette, and one to left to tell the rest of the world ‘go fuck yourself’ …’

Mama Octopus was initially written for a mother with a dark sense of humor and later developed into a limited edition booklet in collaboration with Motto Books.

Not all mothers are octopuses. Not all octopuses are mothers. Still it’s ok sometimes to tell the world to go fuck itself if you are too busy. Even if you are a centipede. Even if you are the Leo Tolstoj of centipedes. Probably especially if you are the Leo Tolstoj of centipedes.

Release Date 2018
Pages 8
Technique Xerox