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16 illustrations, brochure

Publisher Note

With “Mega Buster” Interpixel – that are the Zurich artists Eva-Maria Würth and Philippe Sablonier – present a reader on the subject of “Kriegsgebiet Kinderzimmer” (War zone children's room), a project documentation and an artist's book in its most consistent form in one.
From an artistic point of view and with numerous texts from the fields of philosophy, ethics, peace policy, law, psychology, media research, pedagogy, sociology and neurobiology, the publication deals with a topic that is as controversial as it is topical.
In 2006, on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Bourbaki Panorama painting in Lucerne, Würth and Sablonier launched the comprehensive art project “Mega Buster” which will last several years. On this occasion, over fifty school classes and other children, young people and adults in Switzerland were disarmed. The results of the action were shown in an exhibition by the Kunstpanorama Luzern.
In a further step, Interpixel is now presenting a publication that makes a theoretical contribution to the socio-political discussion about war toys and media mediated violence. On the other hand, it documents the art action “Mega Buster” in words and pictures and makes it accessible to a wider circle. The authors take up cultural-philosophical, societal and social aspects and provide a rich set of arguments for a well-founded discussion, based on the latest scientific findings and in relation to the art action carried out.
The publication “Mega Buster” takes a variety of approaches and attempts to use artistic strategies to open up a topic that is repeatedly discussed in the media. The result is a book that fascinates and affects.