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Publisher Note

Elusiveness is one of goddess Metis› major traits. However, when she, the one without an attachment to a place, intrudes into foreign locations at the very right moment - as it is her practice, she is entangled with memory and acuteness. The moment she infiltrates established relative strenghs, a continuity is introduced to an existing time - the intruder›s extraneousness causes a rupture. She is familiar with narratitvity.
«Metis in Space» is a collage of texts in which the reader will encounter feasts on top of sarcophagai, hear about the appropriation of the third dimension and architecture of the fourth dimension, take a walk along the Via Ostiense in Rome accompanied by Pier Paolo Passolini and St. Paulus, join myth making with the italian writing collective Wu Ming, witness Constant meeting Bruno Latour and Henri Lefebvre as they are facing public fences in Hamburg, Germany, the naming of the planets and labyrinthine causing vertigo.

Release Date 2013
Dimensions 17.4 × 23.6 cm
Pages 70