Work Description

The way of dissemination the news during the demos and the its representation has changed dramatically after the mobile telephone cameras and shifted the role of the average citizen as observer to ‘recorder’. The June 2009 election protests in Iran was the birthplace of citizen journalism. Later on with the Arab spring and occupy wall street the phenomenon became a world wide discourse and it has changed the way of access to news. Citizen photojournalism draws the notion of the individual eye-witness and enables people to understand themselves as participating agents in the making of history. Momentography of a failure [Tehran] deals with urban scenes of political resistance in Tehran, such as Revolution street ( Khiaban-e-Enghelabe) and Freedom square (Meydan-e-azadi). It oscillates between collective and individual memories of a Space or an event with showing multiple camera perspectives: Stills of found footages filmed between 2009-2018 demonstrations, Stills of found footages filmed during 1979 Islamic revolution and stills from films that Authors filmed after 2010.

Publisher self-published
Release Place Berlin, Germany
Release Date 2018
Subform Photobook
Topics Public Space, Revolution, Tehran
Methods Found Footage, Photography
Dimensions 17.0 × 24.0 × 1.0 cm
Pages 116
Technique 4 Colors, Inkjet-Print