Front Cover, image source: Photo taken by Allan Kosmajac


The long-awaited second volume, More Caught in the Act: an anthology of performance art by Canadian women is an indispensable compendium of original research and writing on, and images of, Canadian women in performance art covering work made from 1990 to 2010. Like the first volume, Caught in the Act: an anthology of performance art by Canadian women (2004), this book gives readers a first-hand glimpse into this vibrant and largely under recognized subject in contemporary Canadian art history.

More Caught in the Act includes 29 comprehensive profiles of artists from across the country, along with five contextual essays that place current performance strategies by women within broader art historical and cultural contexts. Richly illustrated by a stunning colour cover and 264 black and white images, More Caught in the Act captures the depth and breadth of this exciting field.


Preface | Johanna Householder

Cabaret Performance and the Social Politics Of Scene-Making:
A little show that we would do for our riff-raffy freaky friends
by T.L. Cowan

Performance as Resistance: Forces to be Reckoned With
Carla Taunton

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhe: silence and sound in performance
Christof Migone

When Flesh Becomes Electric
cheyanne turions

The (R)evolutionary Tactics and Hybridist Anxieties
of Spoken Words Third Wave
Andrea Thompson

dbi. young anitafrika | Lillian Allen

Sylvette Babin | Kathleen Ritter

Cindy Baker | Stefanie Snider

Lori Blondeau | Wanda Nanibush

Diane Borsato | Jennifer Fisher

Reona Brass | Victoria Singh

Joanne Bristol | Sigrid Dahl

Diana Burgoyne | Cheryl lHirondelle

Shannon Cochrane | Moynan King

Claudine Cotton | Alain-Martin Richard (original French)

Claudine Cotton | Alain-Martin Richard: translation by Paul Couillard

Sylvie Cotton | Bernard Schtze

Jess Dobkin | Roberta Mock

Linda Rae Dornan | Anne Koval

Tagny Duff | Paul Couillard

Rachel Echenberg | Monique Moumblow

Les Fermires Obsdes | Maria Legault

Germaine Koh | Jim Drobnick

Diane Landry | Eve-Lyne Beaudry

Louise Liliefeldt | Shannon Cochrane

Irene Loughlin | Margaret Dragu

Devora Neumark | b.h. Yael

Vida Simon | Irene Loughlin

karen spencer | Christine Redfern

Victoria Stanton | Lisa Vinebaum

Julie Andre T. | Helge Meyer

Camille Turner | Michelle Jacques

Martine Viale | Amber Landgraff

Lori Weidenhammer | Lois Klassen

claude wittmann | Adriana Disman

Afterword | Tanya Mars