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Rainbow is a work by Daniel Gustav Cramer for Fotexolutions (Freiburg). Fotoexolutions is a project by Hoesl & Mihaljevic based on Duchamps Readymade Malheureux (1919), a work he created by posting written instructions to his sister Suzanne.
“… Please apply nine layers of paint onto the walls of the exhibition space in the order and for the duration as listed. Please take a photograph of each state during the process from an angle which you may decide. Also, could you please keep the empty buckets of paint? The only public event shall be a finissage to be held in the evening of 10.11.2016 …”

Artists’ Edition


by Daniel Gustav Cramer

Release Date 2016
Printrun 220
Inscription signed
Availability Available
Topics Painting, Performance
Methods Photography
Dimensions 20.0 × 28.0 cm
Pages 16
Technique Digital Print