Publisher Note

The postcard contains an announcement about a performance on an afternoon in January 2021. It says that the artist Tim G. trimmed his hair with the help of a hair clipper. On the frontside you can see the artist himself before and after the intervention, stating the sentence "Neues Jahr. Neues Haar.". In the picture that portraits the situation after the cut, you can find a small line with the notation "4cm" on top of the artists head.

There are several ways to access the artwork. One is definitely to read it as a postcard...or as a book, - at least if you are familiar with the definition "...that a glass of orange juice could be a book since the glass is a container that holds a content, the orange juice." by Brad Freeman...and then you can go on, think about a haircut in a time that is dominated by COVID-19...and what about growing and shrinking...and then you can remember the high times of conceptual art...
and so it is possible that the postcard can be seen as a homage in a kind of appropriation of Jan Dibbets´ "X-card" from 1969, published in an edition of 1200 pieces by Seth Siegelaub. Fun fact: In contrast to Jan Dibbets announcement in 1969, the performance has already taken it is more an information than an announcement. Another difference (among other obvious changes) is the adding of a 5th language (Russian) for the announcement, while the postcard from 1969 contained 4 languages (English, French, German, Dutch).

Artists’ Ephemera

Neues Jahr. Neues Haar. (08012021)

by (Tim)

Release Date 2021
Artist: (Tim)
Original Price 3.00 EUR
Subform Postcard
Topics Homage, Jan Dibbets, Seth Siegelaub
Methods Appropriation
Technique Digital Print