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The first series ever realised by Italian photographer Olivo Barbieri, ‘Flippers’ derives from his discovery of an abandoned, derelict pinball machine factory, and marks the starting point of his observations on visualising the superficial, which would lead to his artistic engagement with the uncertainty of the world’s surface. The fragmented pinball machines act as a cultural reminder, a throwback to the flashing momentum of the 1960s and ’70s, with rock music, science fiction, movie stars, and flower power. Published in its entirety for the first time, the pinball project was a formative experience for the photographer in his early years. Includes an interview with Barbieri and Francesco Zanot.

Artist Monograph

Olivo Barbieri

Olivo Barbieri – Flippers 1977-1978

Release Date 2013
Artist: Olivo Barbieri
ISBN-13: 9788887440850
Topics Flipper
Methods Photography
Language Italian, English
Format Hardcover
Pages 86

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