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Constructed 30 years before the Channel Tunnel, the Mont Blanc Tunnel calls into question the very idea of natural borders, transforming one of the most impressive of these into an economic, social, and cultural relations accelerator. Olivo Barbieri’s series of images of the tunnel depict an empty route, a hollow through solid rock that also acts subversively to break down not only natural and political borders, but also the concept of nationalism itself on the European continent, in an age when nations are facing rapidly emerging new challenges of identity, self-preservation, migration, and culture.

Artists’ Book

Tunnel Mont Blanc 1965-2015

by Olivo Barbieri

Release Date 2013
Artist: Olivo Barbieri
ISBN-13: 9788898120697
Topics Galleria, Mont Blanc, Tunnel
Methods Photography
Language Italian, French, English
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 27.0 cm
Pages 15

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