Cover, Picture from the author, image source: Private, © Michel Mazzoni

Publisher Note

"Ondes" is a graphic, poetic and minimal gesture. The photographs, close to abstraction, printed on light newsprint are juxtaposed and overlapped over the pages... The book is intended to be a reflection on the potential of images and their means of dissemination. "Ondes" is a simple, austere and timeless work.

Publisher self-published
Release Place Brussels, Belgium
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2021
Artist: Michel Mazzoni
Printrun 10
Inscription signed, numbered
Original Price 150.00 EUR
Availability Out of Print
Subform Artist's Multiple, Artists’ Newspaper, Multiple
Topics Abstract, Experimental Photography, Minimalism
Methods Analog Photography, Experimental, Scans
Format Selfcovering
Dimensions 29.7 × 42.0 × 0.2 cm
Pages 8
Technique Digital Print