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Richly illustrated book about the work of Paris based artist Katinka Bock. Bock focuses on sculpture as encounter and material transformation. In works that incisively investigate the sites of their production, she questions and highlights the materials that compose them, and meditates on the processes that shape them. For Bock, sculpture is the record and measure of place, space, time, and actions, in continuum. This book was published in conjunction with the exhibition Katinka Bock: A and I at the Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle (Feb - May 2014). With texts by Marie-Cécile Burnichon, Thomas Clerc, Luis Croquer and Sylvia Wolf.

Release Place Amsterdam, Netherlands
Release Date 2014
Designer: Louis Lüthi
Artist: Katinka Bock
ISBN-13: 978 90 77459 15 0
Original Price 30.85 EUR
Dimensions 21.0 × 29.7 cm
Pages 144

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