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Publisher Note

The ‘Peter 2’ Fanzine is a direct print of a pdf Brian Kennon was sent when he requested the book ‘Peter 2’ by Kippenberger through an interlibrary loan. The pdf was sent in place of the physical copy presumably because it was too rare and valuable to be lent out. When invited to produce a fanzine for ‘Peter 2’ Kennon delivered a print out of the pdf he had received. The piece can be understood as a readymade in that it is exactly how he received it. Furthermore, the first page of the pdf, an information page generated by the interlibrary loan, put Kennon’s name on the cover a few lines above Kippenberger’s, which gives him a degree of authorship over the altered version of the book.

Kennon’s publication exists in the space between a fanzine and a zine – a zine being more a publication of your own work and a fanzine being something that celebrates someone or something else.

(Rémi Brandon/Soccochico)

Release Place Paris, France
Release Date 2013
Author: Brian Kennon
Artist: Brian Kennon
Printrun 20
Subform Zine
Dimensions 21.0 × 29.7 cm
Pages 40

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