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Piedras presents an unpublished collection of works made by the Mexican photographer Graciela Iturbide over several decades.
Using a 6x6 format camera, Iturbide points its lens at a few singular "stones". Sometimes what is photographed is patently a stone, while others are not so much a stone as something made of stone, for example an ancient Italian city.
For Piedras, the artist has recovered images in black and white, so unique as beautiful, taken in his numerous travels through Europe, Asia and America.
Graciela Iturbide, born in 1942, was awarded the Hasselblad in 2008. Foundation Award for Photography and is recognized as one of the great photographers of the Latin American photography figures for their way of exploring in images of a strong black and white landscapes and inhabitants of his native Mexico.

- Shorlisted ARLES Author Book Award 2019

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Release Place Mexico City Mexico City, Mexico
Release Date 2019
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Subform Photobook
Topics Stone
Methods Photography
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