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Publisher Note

My immediate environment is an important source of inspiration for me. In my work, the transience of the mundane and the idea that only the extraordinary seems to capture our attention is an important theme. I temporize, to dwell on the things and moments we vaguely remember and the things we appropriate, to keep memories alive. In my work I focus on small everyday matters that are hardly looked after. So it is with the prints and patterns that can be found in my house. In 2021 I photographed them and made a series of prints: Prints and Patterns

But besides this theme, Prints and Patterns also has another meaning. With this work I investigate the history and necessity of decorations and decorating. A subject that is comprehensive. Think of the relationship between art and decoration, between art and craft and the role of women in this.

Artists’ Book

Prints and patterns

by Mémé Bartels

Publisher self-published
Release Place Amsterdam, Netherlands
Release Date 2nd November 2021
Artist: Mémé Bartels
Printrun 10
Inscription signed, numbered
Availability Out of Print
Subform 8 Unique Transfer Prints, Portfolio
Topics Prints And Patterns
Methods Photography, Transfer Print
Language Dutch
Dimensions 24.0 × 33.5 cm
Pages 15
Technique Transfer Printing

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