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Robert Frank’s self-portrait is a film about music that repeatedly poses questions concerning artistic expression and the function of memory. Frank himself introduces an actress as “the young lady that is playing me.” She throws a stack of photographs onto the bed and says with disgust, “That’s my past.” Despite the apparently autobiographical nature of the film, Frank, the immigrant, regards his story as a collective one. The film teaches temple musicians in Benares, India, “hope freaks” in New Mexico and inmates in a Texas prison. “That’s me,” Frank says when an old-fashioned film projector shows him as a small child. An interview of passers-by completes the circle: “If you had a camera and some film, what would you shoot?” A street musician answers, “About myself,” and starts playing a classic number. “Those were the days, my friend.”
S-8 Stones Footage from Exile on Main St. Filmed during the making of the Exile on Main St., Rolling Stones album cover.
Three DVDs in film-roll box housed in a slipcase

Art Book

Robert Frank. The Complete Film Works Vol. 3

by Robert Frank

Release Place Göttingen, Germany
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2008
Author: Robert Frank
Artist: Robert Frank
ISBN-13: 978-3-86521-591-8
Subform Dvd
Language English
Dimensions 19.0 × 13.5 × 3.7 cm
Weight 1,000 gram