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German with English subtitles, 50 min

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A Film by Ralph Goertz.

American photographer Stephen Shore (born 1947) is a leading representative of the New Color Photography movement in the United States. From the early 1970s onwards, Shore made several road trips across the country documenting life in America with an apparent banality that provoked much controversy among his contemporaries.
Stephen Shore: New Color Photography is the first and only documentary on this iconic giant of contemporary photography. Accompanying Shore over a two-year period, Goertz watched and filmed as the photographer installed his shows in Dublin and Dusseldorf and taught his class at Bard College. The 50-minute widescreen film offers an inside view into Shore's understanding of photography.

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Stephen Shore. New Color Photography

Release Place Cologne, Germany
Release Date 2014
ISBN-13: 9783863356910
Subform Dvd