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Butterfly, Schmetterling, summer bird, Schmandlecker, Müllermaler, a small animal, with seemingly amazing capabilities. It is said it could trigger hurricanes, with a single beat of its wings. The variety of their form, the number of their species is immense but so, also is their decline. It is a symbol of love, of poetry, of kitsch, in the Middle Ages witches turned into butterflies, it is an exercise in yoga, a training device for the deltoid muscles.
The booklet contains 42 spreads, each with a butterfly that is printed in risograph printing with 8 different colors (monochrome, bi-color, or tri-color). The pages of the booklet are not imposed and they are bound with a rubber band, so that the coming together of the butterfly-halves continually creates new forms and colours.

Artists’ Book

Schmetterling/ Butterfly

by Katja Schwalenberg

Release Place Leipzig, Germany
Edition 1st edition
Release Date June 2018
Printrun 200
ISBN-13: 978-3-945111-46-8
Original Price 25.00 Euro
Themes Butterflies
Methods Risography
Format 21 loose sheets, folded
Binding held together by elastic band
Dimensions 19.0 × 27.0 cm
Weight 500 gram
Content one, two or three coloured risograph prints
Technique Risography

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