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"Sheets" attempts to retrace Rinko Kawauchi’s steps in this world through a reassembly and re-editing of her filmstrips as a reinvented whole.

Cinematographic at heart, the sequences of randomly selected contact sheets offer a real-life time lapse, a resurrection of moments in the personal history of the artist and immortalised in some of her more significant publications.

The book’s gatefolds mark intervals in this rhythmic crescendo. They contribute, as if under a magnifying glass, to new spontaneous pairings of images. It is all here, fragment by fragment, the elements and patterns of a primal cosmogony of varied affective nuances with their connotations of transcendental immanence—a palimpsest of the everyday that Kawauchi brings together with such astounding ease as if the flow of juxtaposing images were as natural to her as her own biological path in life.

This book contains a selection of contact sheets that spans more than a decade of works.

Release Place Berlin, Germany
Release Date 2012
Artist: Rinko Kawauchi
ISBN-13: 9783981510539
Topics Archive, Memory
Methods Photography
Language English
Dimensions 16.0 × 22.0 × 2.3 cm
Pages 152

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