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The Beginning The End is a collection of quotes taken from 212 classic and b-fiction books, and involves writing one book with two parts: The Beginning and The End. The two parts meet in the middle. I collected two quotes per book: the first sentence (The Beginning) and the last sentence of the book (The End).
The Beginning is a collage of sorts, and through the symmetry The End became a story of coincidence.
Sometimes I change the quotes minimally: I remove the proper names, gender and the third person tense and turn them into the first person, as an appropriation act.
Italian edition.

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The Beginning The End / L'inizio La fine

by Daniela Comani

Release Date 2020
Artist: Daniela Comani
Printrun 500
Original Price 10.00 EUR
Methods Text Collage
Language Italian
Dimensions 12.0 × 17.0 cm
Pages 48