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When Der Einzige und Sein Eigentum / The Ego and Its Own was published in 2009 in German, its last page anounced a variety of upcoming bilingual editions. By just adding a slipcover with bilingual glossary (and newly commissioned essays which usually are printed on the inside slipcovers), bilingual editions have appeared in Chinese, Swedish, Dutch and English, usually co-published by publishers who are local in the second language. These editions attempt to make the book accessible to a non-German readership. Translatability/in-translatability in general and of poetry in particular is up for debate. Also cosmopolitanism and megalomania.

Artists’ Book

The Ego and Its Own (English Edition)

by Michalis Pichler

Release Place Berlin, Germany
Brooklyn, NY, United States of America
Release Date 2015
Printrun 1000
ISBN-13: 978-1-937027-54-4
ISBN-13: 978-3-86874-013-4
Binding thread binding
Dimensions 10.0 × 15.0 cm
Pages 464

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