image source: MOCA Skopje

Publisher Note

Taken 100% from reality, this is a full length transcript of the fourth quarter 2009 Monsanto Company Earnings Conference Call, treated, layouted, published and performed as an original theater piece (on occasion of the exhibition & symposion "The apparatus of life and death" at the Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje).
The main acts are Presentation, Question-and-Answer Session and Copyright Policy, the main characters are Hugh Grant (President & CE), Carl Casale (EVP & CFO), Terrell Crews (EVP, CEO Vegetable Business), Scarlett Foster (VP IR) as well as various Analysts.
As Karsten Schubert puts it: "A gulf has sprung between post-Duchampian, post modern artistic practice and a still Modernist-Romantic interpretation of copyright."

Artists’ Book

Monsanto Company. Earnings Call Transcript

by Michalis Pichler

Release Place Skopje, North Macedonia
Berlin, Germany
Release Date 2010
Printrun 600
ISBN-13: 978-3-86874-006-6
Binding perfect binding
Dimensions 10.0 × 15.0 cm
Pages 36