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Mulitple available: Framed colour archival photographic print.

Publisher Note

The publication is in part an archival document to a Situationist Intervention that took place sometime during the summer months of 1997 – an intervention with specific interior / exterior locations within the centre of London. This artistic/political gesture was carried out during a long-running political debate over the obtrusive and ever growing number of CCTV surveillance cameras being installed within public spaces within the capital, which were disputed as an infringement upon rights to privacy of the individual citizen.

These interventions were an endeavour to integrate an applied form that would, over a period of time, become part of the structure it had been applied to. And, by incorporating a mock prosthesis to such public spaces, would endeavour to claim part of a specific public space, which would represent a specific moment frozen in time.

Artists’ Book

The Hard And The Fast

by Rick Buckley

Release Date December 2012
Editor: Rick Buckley
Artist: Rick Buckley
Printrun 500
ISBN-13: 978-3-89770-423-7
Inscription numbered
Original Price 20.00 EUR
Availability Out of Print
Language English
Binding Bound
Dimensions 16.8 × 23.2 cm
Pages 77
Content 11 colour illustrations

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