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Since 2009, Charlotte York would take her wallet out in a restaurant, a bar, on a picnic blanket or even an art centre to give a guided tour of its content. Perhaps you were there, sober or drunk, and perhaps you interrupted her to show your own wallet. Perhaps your name is Elias and you gave her a coin which you described as the funniest in the world on a beautiful spring evening in Stockholm.

Eventually the pocket museum outgrew the wallet and even the pockets it lived in. Meanwhile the oral stories were fading until now, consigned in this book.

Release Date 2020
Writer: Kajsa Ståhl
Author: Charlotte York
Designer: Åbäke
Printer: Die Keure
Cover Design: LPPL
Artist: Charlotte York
Printrun 1989
ISBN-13: 978—1—9079085—8—3
Topics Collectibles, Ephemeral Design, Graphic Design, Money
Dimensions 11.6 × 16.6 cm
Pages 272
Material Recycled banknote bits cover

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