Publisher Note

The Antiqua Boom Issue Slanted #5 just arrived. Full 264 pages present everything relevant according to the topic of contemporary (serif-accented) Antiqua fonts. After contributors, editors and visitors of the Frankfurt bookfair as well as from different in-house exhibitions of Océ got hold of Slanted, the precious copy can be bought in a limited edition of 200. Again Slanted is filled with interviews, Fontnames Illustrated, Typolyrics, Music Reviewed, photo series, student work. Additionally you get a queen, a little graphic-design studio in Sicily, Hans schumacher in the fanblog, an index of contents, imprint, unpaid advertisments, a lot of paper.

Art Magazine

Slanted Magazin #5 – The Antiqua Boom Issue

Release Date September 2007
Printer: Océ
Series Slanted Magazin, #5 – The Antiqua Boom Issue
Printrun 750
ISSN: 1867-6510
Original Price 10.00 EUR
Availability Out of Print
Subform Design Magazine
Topics Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography
Language English, German
Format Softcover
Dimensions 21.0 × 27.0 cm
Pages 260
Material Océ Top Coated
Material Océ IMPRESSive Panther Skin