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Photographed in Israel between the years 1979-1980, this extensive body of work depicts trivial events and objects in everyday life. Building on an aesthetic taken from ‘family photos,’ "The Photo Album 1979-1980" attempts to summarize the essence of a place, of a reality, of a given moment in time.

During the late 1970’s while working as a quality controller at a Kodak lab in Israel, Igael Shemtov was exposed to vast amounts of family photographs, a genre he set to explore as a marker of Israeli society. Documenting the living environment of the lower middle class, and placing special emphasis on kitsch, Shemtov created images that are telling yet critical at the same time.

The book affords a rare opportunity to see the work of this influential teacher, many of whose students have achieved notability, including Adi Ness, Yael Bartana, Elinor Carucci, Dor Guez, Rona Yefman , and many more.

Igael Shemtov’s photography work combines personal critical expression with a documentary approach. His unique sensibility is conveyed through the very sites he chooses to photograph, and the often-harsh reality he depicts is imparted through a deeply considered and critical point of view.

Igael Shemtov was the cahir of Chair of the Photography, Video, and Computer Imaging Department in the Bezalel academy of arts from 1994-2000. His work was exhibited in the Israel Musem, the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Andrea Meislin gallery NY, etc. He receivedmany awards such as the Minister Award of culture and education, the Israel Museum photography award, the Constantiner award by the Tel-Aviv Museum of art, etc.

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The Photo Album 79-80

Igael Shemtov

Edition 2nd edition
Release Date 2016
Artist: Igael Shemtov
Topics Israel
Methods Photography
Language English
Format Hardcover

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