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In the book of Genesis, man is named »Adam«, whose etymological root »Adama« in Hebrew refers to earth and the clay that is its substance and its home. Ties between a man and his land have always been deep and complex, but rarely as incensed as in Israel-Palestine. After more than a century of forced coexistence and 70 years of open conflict, those who are living in this territory seem ever more bound to it. Clément Chapillon ventured out to investigate the various dimensions of this seemingly unalterable relationship: Which marks has the land imprinted on their identity? Which hopes, fantasies, and promises remain?
To explore this attachment, far from clichés and ideologies, he interviewed and photographed people in cities, villages, settlements, kibbutzim. As a result, his book is a unique patchwork of words, portraits and landscapes that emphasize the intimate link that exists between the people and the land. This deeply personal testimony looks at the Israeli-Palestinian mosaic and its roots from a profoundly human perspective.

Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2018
ISBN-13: 9783868288551
Topics Changes, Israel, Palestine
Methods Photography
Language English, French
Format Hardcover
Pages 144

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