Publisher Note

“The Stoneware Jug” is a collection of poem-comics by Stefan Lorenzutti (words) and John Porcellino (pictures), in which American comix legend Porcellino (“King-Cat,” “Thoreau at Walden”) “pours” the adapted poems into his pen-and-ink panels, as if into a handmade vessel.

Each one-page comic is a seasonal diorama of sorts, preserving a moment in time unfolding in the interstices of time: between the chinks of a log cabin in the Polish Highlands, fissures in late-spring ice, and the gap between coziness and creeping concern on a brutally cold winter’s night.

In the end, “The Stoneware Jug” is a quest for comfort zones, suffused throughout with the aromatic promise of panettone.

Co-published by Nieves, Bored Wolves, and Spit and a Half

Stefan Lorenzutti (Brooklyn, 1984) is a poet and publisher based in Kraków and the Polish Highlands. His books include the prose-poetry journal “Great Known” and “At Tremendous Dam: Some Poems 2014–2021.”

John Porcellino (Chicago, 1968) has been writing, drawing, and publishing comics and graphic novels for over thirty years. His celebrated self-published series “King-Cat Comics,” begun in 1989, has inspired a generation of cartoonists.

Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2022
Availability Available
Subform Alt-Comics, Comics, Comix, Poetry, Zine
Methods Comics, Ink, Poetry
Dimensions 14.0 × 20.0 cm
Pages 28
Technique Offset