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Publisher Note

shifting the light, liquid, hand in use, texture in other words analog photography, process.... looking for mistakes, unknown, lighting.
starting somewhere behind the fences and above the mash, scratching on surfaces of corporate industry transforming cultures into olympic discipline, products, in - out, blurry of escape, like a bird, plants on the ground, drying into fences
stairs, repetition on way to turn next page.

Artists’ Book

There is shifting the sky repeating stairsway, Again

by Sergej Vutuc

Publisher self-published
Release Place Buenos Aires, Argentina
Release Date 2019
Printer: Club del Prado
Artist: Sergej Vutuc
Printrun 150
Inscription numbered
Subform Photobook
Topics Fences, Olympics, Psychogeography, Skateboard, Skateboarding
Methods Analog Photography, Darkroom Process
Pages 40
Technique Stencil Duplicator