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The photographer and artist Klaus Merkel searches for — and record in striking black-and-white photographs — structures in nature and architecture that, no matter where they are, exhibit overlapping patterns and con figurations, significant deviations and parallels, and resonate in juxtaposition. In this extension of that program, he has turned his attention to stones and rock landscapes and their patterns. It is a process that he insists takes patience, sometimes years, both in allowing the force of the photograph to make itself felt over time and in seeking the perfect pair, the photograph that will reverberate with another in tandem.

Artist Monograph

Klaus Merkel

Trilogy of stone and time

edited by W.D. Emanuel

Release Date 2005
Editor: W.D. Emanuel
Artist: Klaus Merkel
Topics Klaus Merkel, Nature Photography, Rocky Landscape, Stones
Methods Photography
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 160

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