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This book with no title and without cover is an unedited collection of e-correspondence between artists Stefano Calligaro, Q.S. Serafijn, Kurt Ryslavy and Kunstverein's curator Noor Mertens.
It evokes the dynamic between so-called artistic freedom and power relations focusing on subjects such as the position of the artist within the art-system, how this relates to (un)productivity, dilettantism, professionalization and many other (ir)relevancies.

“This book is not even one book. It’s in fact two booklets, which are not even booklets.
It’s a raw collection of convictions/ doubts/ distrusts/ beliefs/ complaints and unedited grammar mistakes stapled together without any concession to the reader. What we did within its pages is questioning the mechanics of the system we belong to; those related to exhibition making but also other and less tangible ones like the use-misuse of English language and editing in art writing; the difference between conventional education and self-made learning; the importance of Formula1 races and the shape of the poo in our toilets. In doing so we openly called into question the state of the arts, as well as ourselves and our role within the system. The result is a rough, ungrammatical and arrogant pile of papers. One spontaneous reflection of what we are: Ignorance, visions and motivations.”

Release Place Hannover, Germany
Release Date November 2017
Designer: Guesswho
Printrun 1500
Subform Book Edition
Dimensions 18.0 × 27.0 cm
Pages 140
Technique Offset