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Published as Volume 5 of the Primeur series edited by the Aargauer Kuratorium / 70 illustrations in colour, 22 full-page image details in original size, thread stitching, brochure without cover

Publisher Note

Trying to capture reality is like trying to hold on to a wriggling rabbit. What remains is perhaps a torn out tuft of fur, certainly a few scratches on one's own skin and in one's hands the feeling of this unfathomable, twitching body tension.
The animal that digs holes and eats roots in my garden is not in the same reality as I am. With its ears like antennae above its head, its eyes on the side, it lives and moves at a different speed. Only occasionally our areas of life and our perceptions cross. The view from the entrance of a rabbit hole shows me nothing more than a black hole. In this black hole a world opens up. This uncertainty, this eeriness is what I'm looking for. (Tatjana Erpen)
The artist’s book “Vom Versuch, ein zappelndes Kaninchen festhalten” (On the attempt to hold on to a wriggling rabbit) by Tatjana Erpen is published as volume 5 of the Primeur series edited by the Aargauer Kuratorium and provides the first comprehensive insight into the work of the Lucerne-based artist. In an atmospheric text, Andreas Mauz leads along Sebald’s “Austerlitz” through the publication and work.Designed as a book block without a cover, the volume contains numerous colour illustrations and full-size image details that allow the reader to experience the tactile quality of the originals, which are mainly silk-screen printed on plywood.

Artists’ Book

Vom Versuch, ein zappelndes Kaninchen festzuhalten

by Tatjana Erpen

Release Place Zurich, Switzerland
Release Date 2015
Author: Andreas Mauz
Designer: Georg Rutishauser
Artist: Tatjana Erpen
Printrun 900
ISBN-13: 978-3-03746-195-2
Dimensions 22.5 × 30.0 cm
Pages 96
Technique Offset Printing