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Pages: 128 (2 volumes)

Publisher Note

Anders Edström creates small sequences of sparse images which elaborate a filmic narrative of inconsequential moments, stories of moments in between moments.

“They appear as the aftermath of some wire brush cleaning of a slate. To which elements were slowly added. Family, some nature, friends, a bit of community, décor. Images pulled from the gaps between changing nappies, having meals, talking, getting from here to there…” (Curtis Winter).

Waiting some birds a bus a woman and spidernets places a crew are two books which collect together some of these stories.

Artists’ Book

Waiting some birds a bus a woman & Spidernets places a crew

by Anders Edström

Release Place Göttingen, Germany
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2004
Artist: Anders Edström
ISBN-10: 3865210325
Subform Photobook
Language English
Dimensions 26.8 × 21.0 cm
Weight 3,000 gram
Pages 128