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Zug Magazine is a biannual collection of extraordinary artworks. Launched in 2010 by independent publisher Innen, each publication portrays culturally subjective depictions. Its free-style layouts are a combination of unusual photography, illustrations, brief texts, and collaged works.

Issue #13, MEGGA, is guest-edited by Australian artist and designer Misha Hollenbach. With work by Shauna E., Lukas Gansteregg, Alison Peeggy, Eggie Ruscha, Feggedelic, Haruka Spregg, Marc Göhrinegg, Cali Egghill d’Egg, Shay Egg, Koji - egg, Mat Damham-N-Egg, Passegger_of_shit, Peter Sutheggland, Sofia Pranteggra, Aharon egg, Misha Holleggnbacon

Artists’ Periodical

Zegg Magazine #13

— MEGGA by E.G.G.

Release Place Zurich, Switzerland
Release Date 2017
Series Zug Magazine, 13
Printrun 1000
ISSN: 2061-8190
Topics Eggs
Dimensions 7.5 × 9.3 inch
Pages 130

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