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Published as Volume 1 of the Primeur series edited by the Aargauer Kuratorium / 96 full-page illustrations in colour, thread-stitched, book block with 3 inserted text leaflets, in transparent plastic cover

Publisher Note

An exhibition in book form in which koorder – that is Matthias Berger and Till Hänel – guides us through his work. For the publication, old works were re-staged and brought together with new ones in the studio; these constellations were photographed and then skillfully combined and edited together with video stills, 3-D renderings and older exhibition views to create a supposedly coherent new space: the cosmos of koorder.
Characteristic for the artists is the way they work. One puts something into the space, the other reacts to it by adding or changing it. This dialogical working method is interested in the process and in improvisation. The artist duo is less interested in creating formally and content-wise self-contained works than in questioning the existing in new constellations and playing with the expectations of the audience.
The publication takes up the open, process-like character of the work: The overflowing, marginally falling picture section without book cover and spine is supplemented by three fleeting texts printed on the thinnest paper and loosely inserted into the picture section. Irène Zdoroveac talks to the artists about their work, and Dorothea Strauss reflects on it by means of possible reactions of an exhibition visitor, while Tim Zulauf uses his means, the letters and words, the text, to create references to the visual settings and processes in koorder's pictures on a parallel level.
With this publication, the Aargauer Kuratorium is launching the series “Primeur – Erstpublikation für Aargauer Künstlerinnen und Künstler” as a new funding instrument to support Aargau based artists by means of funding a first publication.

Release Place Zurich, Switzerland
Release Date 2011
Designer: hartmann bopp
Printrun 800
ISBN-13: 978-3-03746-153-2
Dimensions 19.5 × 24.5 cm
Pages 136
Technique Offset Printing