Milenko Lazic

Alias Milenko Lazić
Founder of Organizer MATERIAL
Organizer Harald Erath. SACRED AND SECRET.
“Smile-Smile meeting”
“CCTV movie with CID art group”
Luca Campestri - Black Noise - curated by Margherita Martini
Bettina Mürner - The Bardo Series
Michelle Stutz aka @gruechelle — „It’s a vicious cycle“
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Curator waiting for you - Michelle Stutz
Editione Multicolore
Alexandra Sheherazade Salem - Lessons from Silence
Sara Franco - KEBAB LOVE Or The Infamous Cannon-Poem
royal.obj - Sofia Hintermann & Pablo Bösch
ZATO - Irma Radončić & Stefan Liniger
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Art Book Shows Kling Klong, die Analphabeten kommen !!!
Exhibitions Tesla Export/Import - Milenko Lazić
Exhibition / Zine Launchs SCRATCH YOUR FACE AWAY!