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May. 19th – Jun. 10th 2023

Exploring antimatter, inexistence and invisibility through printed matter.

Opening Friday, May 19, 17:00–20:00
Open Thursday to Saturday from 12:00–18:00 and by appointment

Inexistent Books wants to question the invisible in times of hypervisibility, embrace the paradox and explore the utopian potentials of the anti-medium. We have asked artists for Inexistent Books – artists’ publications that did not exist before, have been idle, deal with non-existence or refuse to exist.

Organizers Jan Steinbach, Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson
Address Vidars gate 20 A, 0452 Oslo, Norway

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Artists’ Edition
Invisible Books by Claude Closky
Artists’ Book
Was It A Cat I Saw? by Qianyao Liao
8.00 EUR
Artists’ Book
Autobiography n.8 by Micah Lexier
Artists’ Book
The The by Kasper Andreasen
20.00 EUR
Artists’ Edition
POORCEPTION by Stefano Calligaro
1.00 EUR
Artists’ Edition
Received With Thanks by Fiona Banner
100.00 EUR
Artists’ Book
Lana Kaiser by Philipp Gufler
5.00 EUR
Artists’ Book
4,582 Stars by Aaron Krach
(2nd ed.)
Artists’ Book
Title by Author
16.00 EUR
Artists’ Book, Poetry Book
Moment's Notice by Kasper Andreasen
15.00 EUR
Exhibition Catalogue
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