Ulysses by James Joyce: an itinerant consciousness

Artphilein La Piscina, Artphilein Library

Nov. 15th 2022

For the centenary of the publication of "Ulysses", the De Pietri Artphilein Foundation proposes two ideal journeys to provide a key to the interpreting of this literary work: one to the places of its creation and the other to the eighteen chapters, set out in a dialogue between quotations and photobooks about Ireland from the collection of Artphilein Library, our public library of photobooks.
The second journey proposed is a reading with Ireland in the background, the main character from which Joyce did not want to and indeed could not emancipate himself, not even by physically leaving it. In all its complexity and multifaceted Ireland is narrated through photobooks placed in dialogue with quotations from the eighteen chapters of the book: the result is a journey through words and cover images, steeped in suggestions, cues and references, aimed at offering the viewer an invitation to undertake a personal reading

Curator Caterina De Pietri
Address via Ferruccio Pelli 13, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland

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