Milano, Italy
Founded by Valentina Venturi, Emiliano Biondelli in Ravenna, Italia, Italy in 2008 , closed in Milano, Italia, Italy
Notes blisterZine is a self publishing and publishing project (since 2009) by NASTYNASTY©, with the purpose to promote the artist’s book as an art object, using the space of a book in an open and intimate way at the same time.

Emiliano Biondelli & Valentina Venturi currently teach in several Art Accademies, History of the artist's book and of the photo book.

blisterZine books were exhibited at the Artists Space (NY), Cleveland Art Museum, Miami Public Library, Corvi e Mora Gallery (London), Museo Marino Marini (Florence) and Museo Camera (Turin). blisterZine books are purchased by Moma Library and Brooklyn Museum Library among the others.
Art Book Fairs NY Art Book Fair 2017
Offprint Paris 2018
Offprint Paris 2019
Printed Matter’s Virtual Art Book Fair