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Publisher Note

Ms. Cotten’s project began as a visual conversation with a small group of close friends, first daily photo emails then weekly postcards.

The rules:
Only one photo per day.
Photos must be sent on the day they were taken, or as soon thereafter as possible.
One touch processing. Point, shoot, done. No fussing.

“entre chien et loup”* is a diary, a conversation with friends, fragments of a life, 52 stories half told.

*The time between twilight and dark, when a dog might be a wolf or a wolf a dog. More poetically it is the line between the familiar and comfortable and the unknown and dangerous. The threshold between hope and fear.

Released at NYABF 2016.

Artists’ Book

Entre chien et loup

by Lillie Cotten

Release Place Milan, Italy
Release Date 2016
Artist: Lillie Cotten
Printrun 100
Inscription numbered
Methods Photography
Language English
Format Paperback
Pages 56