Cover, image source: Christoph Schifferli

Publisher Note

The phantoms are a tear. But how to recognize them when/if the whole world is torn, if the world itself was baptized by isolation?

The Street View tool of Google Maps. Of course, pictures. But one can move throughout them, they are images that create a space, a space that one can navigate. One can literally move within these images/space.The glitch tears these images, removes every glimpse of fetishism from them; one literraly leaves a trace in a space, which then becomes a place. Only when one enters in connection with it, it can be said one has visited it.

Artists’ Book

Japan Weather Report

by Ddk

Release Place Milan, Netherlands
Release Date 2016
Editor: Cynthia Young
Artist: Ddk
Printrun 150
Topics Ghosts, Google Maps, Isolation
Methods Photography
Format Paperback
Pages 176