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Artist book (21 illustrations in colour, thread stitching, booklet with dust jacket) with original photo print (40 × 50 cm)

Publisher Note

Thomas Galer’s work deals with questions of media representation, authorship and the transfer of meaning of found materials and reflects the products and phenomena of mass culture with a socially critical attitude.
An important group of images within the collection of newspaper pictures and images from magazines that the artist has been collecting since 1999 are the “Fires”, photographs of flames from political reporting. These represent trouble spots and conflict situations whose events have changed the global social fabric.
With “Various Fires”, Thomas Galler presents an artist's publication with a selection of 21 illustrations from this collection showing a wide range of fires around the globe. The title as well as the format and design of the volume refer to the legendary booklet “Various Small Fires” by Ed Rucha from 1964.

Artists’ Edition, Artists’ Book

Various Fires (Edition)

by Thomas Galler

Release Place Zurich, Switzerland
Release Date 2010
Designer: Georg Rutishauser
Artist: Thomas Galler
Printrun 15
ISBN-13: 978-3-03746-142-6 (B)
Inscription numbered, signed
Subform Special Edition
Topics Ed Ruscha
Dimensions 40.0 × 50.0 cm
Pages 48
Technique Offset Printing, Photoprints

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